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Among the many qualities that define Steve Pemberton’s life is faith, hope and charity. Confronted with seemingly impossible odds, he became a trail-blazing corporate executive, people leader, and unwavering advocate for fair access to opportunity.

Removed from his biological family at age 3, Steve grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he survived years of physical and emotional mistreatment in an unforgiving foster home. Determined to create a new beginning, Steve fought through the obstacles that most would have found insurmountable. He went on to become a Double Eagle from Boston College and has since devoted his career to working on issues of access and opportunity in higher education, foster care, health care, and employment.

Today, those same virtues are pillars of both Steve’s professional and personal life. He currently serves as Chief People Officer for Workhuman. Previously, he was Global Chief Diversity Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance, the first global pharmacy-led, health, and wellbeing enterprise in the world, and Walgreens’ first Chief Diversity Officer, overseeing the company’s global efforts to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment that reflects the culture, people, and perspectives of the many nations in which they do business.

Among his greatest achievements were the record employment of people with disabilities and the business growth of women and minority-owned businesses. Steve’s story became a best-selling memoir, “A Chance in the World,” when he decided to put pen to paper to explain his extraordinary journey to his children. The memoir, now a major motion picture, recounts his triumphant search for family and drive to become a man of resilience, determination, and vision. And it amplifies Steve’s deeply-held values: Believe in your dreams, rise above obstacles, persevere and most importantly of all, create opportunities for others.

Steve believes we need leaders who understand the lived experiences of the people they serve, which is why he is considering a historic run for public office. If you believe these are qualities we need in a future leader, please join our movement and contribute to Steve’s exploratory effort today.


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In 2018, a blue wave reinvigorated the Democratic Party. The wave was sparked by Donald Trump’s flailing Presidency, but it was fueled by new, diverse, and inspiring candidates with different backgrounds including Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams. The wave did not only unseat Republicans, it filled our Party with diverse, new blood ready to change our Party, our government and our nation. Steve Pemberton’s unique story positions him to become one of the next progressive fighters in the mold of the great Senators who have represented this nation in Washington. With only three African Americans in the Senate, two of whom are running for president, we need to elect leaders who look like those they hope to represent. Change won’t happen when massive groups of voters are wildly underrepresented and feel politicians in Washington cannot relate to their day-to-day struggles. In 2020, many will focus on defeating Donald Trump, but to prevent the next Donald Trump from emerging we need leaders like Steve Pemberton.